Through my work I both withdraw from, and engage with, the world around me. The rhythm of this paradox is central to my creative process. Much of my physical, mental and emotional energy is spent managing a heightened sensitivity to my external and internal environments. This means constantly seeking the line between being under- and over-stimulated in order to flourish. Thus, my process primarily stems from a grappling with my potential and limitations as a human being. It facilitates the daily ritual of coming to terms with brokenness, and the outworking of extreme frustration. But it is also an expression of defiance, of passionate desire, and urgent vision.

I create chaos before I introduce order, always daring myself to live with and listen to the dis-ease it evokes. Only then do I reign it in just enough that I can bear to be confronted with what I have made. This process enables me to negotiate, filter, accept and find beauty in an intense, chaotic world where I would otherwise be overwhelmed. Each work, therefore, acts as a site of tenuous balance, charged with yearning, reflecting the tension between comfort and challenge that drives my way of being in the world. This intuitive process of creating generates an invisible internal map that directs and reinforces my ability to make decisions regarding how I live.

I am fascinated by systems, structure, ritual, pattern, and the nature of belief. I explore conventional perceptions of progress and failure, the eternal and ephemeral, monumental and momentary. I often employ architectural and figurative imagery, fragmenting and reintegrating forms to build an abstracted narrative.

I utilise a diverse range of media and an extensive colour palette, working in painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, printmaking, and installation.